Team Fitness

Wouldn’t it be nice if if we were all just cookie cutter stamp outs that all had the same needs and wants as everyone else in the world? No one would be any different than everyone else and what was good for one person would be good for everybody else. We don’t think so either. No one ever says you need to be just like everyone else and think inside the box, because that isn’t what we want from leaders. We pride ourselves on being unique, different. Physical training isn’t an exception. What works for one person doesn’t always work for everyone else. We are all individuals.

That is what we do here at Next Levels of Fitness. We know you are unique. Whether it is nutritional coaching, a cardiovascular program, or just supplementation education; we will find the program specific to your needs. We want to find a program that is right for what you need, not make you fit into a cutout program of ours. After all, who wants to be just like everyone else?

Best of both Worlds

We start by giving a full detailed body assessment. Once we know what your specific needs are, we put you in with others who have the same specific needs. We keep these groups small. This is NOT a boot camp or a class. Even if you do fit into a small group of people who agree on goals, you will still need to have that personalized one on one feel. Each team is only 2-10 people. A personal trainer that can help notice and correct anything you may not even know needs correcting is key to success, but it isn’t the most important thing. We want you to be able to have the feel of an individual personal trainer and, yet, still keep the support system that we need to reach our goals. When it’s only 6-8 people that all have the same goals, you are more of a team or a family. It’s easier to blast the fat as a team.

Lets work together

Since this is a results based membership, we work extra hard to ensure that you meet your goals. You will have access to conference motivational calls. It’s just that little boost you need when no one else is around to help get you through. It’s like homework that travels with you.